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CV Advice

Best Practice Techniques on Producing a First Class CV

MooJobs offers the following 10 point guide on how to set your CV out:

1. Use clear formatting
2. Don't make your CV too long - your Curriculum Vitae isn't an essay. Your CV should be no longer than 2 to 2.5 pages long (A4)
3. For your work history you only need to detail the last 10 years employment or the last 3 positions held
4. Only certain groups of people need photos on their CV (actors, models, etc) - NOT everyone!
5. Your CV is about tomorrow, not yesterday. Concentrate on experience and achievement that equips you for an even better future and leave out stuff you have gone beyond.
6. Put yourself in the mind of the reader and ask what will make them excited. Your CV is not a list of demands for what you want so don't focus on an objective; replace both with a strong but simple list of the assets (knowledge, skills, track records, achievements) that you will contribute to your NEXT employer.
7. SPELLING. Check it once, check it twice. Have others read it.
8. There is no conventional grammar in a CV (it's all bullets; phrases; headlines and captions)
9. Watch for repetitions like "responsible for" and try to make your points more than just a job spec or a list of "action words"
10. Your CV is a document that sells who you are and what you are capable of. Remember to take good care of it (your CV) and update it on a regular basis

Suggested order of content:

1. Personal Details
2. Profile (a paragraph about who you are)
3. Skills - Bullet point list the skills you have acquired
4. Previous Employment/Work History (last 3 positions held or last 10 years experience)
-Here you should write one paragraph and outline your job role and bullet point any major responsibilities
5. Education and qualifications
6. Interests - Not compulsory
7. References - Always put "Available on request" under this section

Example of layout

Your Name
Address one
Address two
Address three
(M) 0123456789
D.O.B - Not compulsory

PROFILE Example:
I am a confident and enthusiastic Business Development Manager with an excellent eye for sourcing new revenue streams and planning the right steps to achieve exceptional results. I have a positive and pro-active attitude combined with a professional and organised approach to work.

Bullet point skills E.G.
Sales Training
Customer service
Microsoft word
Microsoft excel
Face to face sales

(Company Name) and the (start and end date of employment) E.G. Oct 2007 - March 2010
(Position Held)
Write a short paragraph here and outline your general job role for the company. Keep it short and snappy!
Duties & Responsibilities
Duty one
Duty two
Duty three

List the name and address of where you completed your higher education and the dates you were there E.g
Bedford College,
List the qualifications you gained E.G.
A-Level Media
A-Level Business Studies

List your interests. E.G. My interests include most sports, in particular, Football, Tennis, Darts and Golf.

REFERENCES Available on request